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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Patches: copy/paste and selection handling.

From: Norbert Nemec
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Patches: copy/paste and selection handling.
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 09:57:58 +0100
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Hmm - I never considered the mouse-middle-button as "evil". Maybe it is not as useful as it could be in the current definition of the standard.

Joris van der Hoeven wrote:
The "standard" middle-click behaviour (also implemented in Emacs)
is evil in many ways and especially in the context of TeXmacs:
  1) The cursor position where you paste is not indicated when pasting.
Some editors offer something like a "phantom-cursor" that moves along with the mouse cursor as a gray "shadow" to indicate the place where the cursor would be placed on a left-click. This would also help greatly for a middle click. Of course, this would mean major surgery in TeXmacs. Otherwise, however, I do not see how you would want to improve the situation here.

  2) This could be fixed by displaying a cursor on mouse press, but this is
     still not nice: as soon as you click, you are obliged to paste,
     even if you are unable to position at the correct position by mouse.
     This lack of robustness bad independently from 1).
3) Impossible to paste at certain logical positions which correspond
     to the same graphical positions (TeXmacs specific, does not occur in 
OK, the impossibilty to paste certain content in certain positions is specific to TeXmacs. I don't see, however, why this makes the middle-click evil. On middle click, the cursor is first positioned just like with the left-click and then the content it attempted to be pasted. If this is impossible, it is simply not done and the middle-click simply has the same effect as a left-click.
So there are many motivations behind the original behaviour of
the middle mouse click. But well, if it is not standard...
The new implementation will just make middle mouse clicking
useless for myself.
Maybe the following idea would help:

How about making Shift-middle-click perform a mouse-paste without cursor repositioning? You could then first place the cursor exactly where you want and shift-middle-click anywhere in the TeXmacs-window to paste to this position.

I don't think that this violates any standards. It even follows the behavior of text-mode editors run in a xterm/konsole window. Personally, I would really appreciate this feature.

Now we are talking about copy and paste, I also got a request
for better CJK support. I will send a sample file which demonstrates
how it should work. If someone wants to take a look...
I think, this falls into the much broader category of content translation at copy-paste. The standard actually allows quite a bit of intelligence that we do not use so far. I have not really touched this, yet, with my work. I don't want to promise anything on that soon.


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