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Re: [Texmacs-dev] rtimes,ltimes and nmid

From: bump
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] rtimes,ltimes and nmid
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 09:12:48 -0800

> Three amssymb symbols that do not export correctly are
> rtimes, ltimes and nmid. 
> This patch to latex-drd.scm corrects the problem
> and the short .tm file shows the need for the patch. 
> I didn't systematically look for other such symbols.

I have now completed such a search. Here is a list
of symbols defined in amssymb.sty that TeXmacs is
able to display correctly, but does not export in latex:

rtimes ltimes nmid lvertneqq gvertneqq nleq ngeq
lneqq gneqq lneq gneq precnsim succnsim lnsim
gnsim nleqq ngeqq precneqq succneqq precnapprox
succnapprox lnapprox gnapprox nsim ncong
nsubseteqq nsupseteqq subsetneqq supsetneqq
varsubsetneqq varsupsetneqq subsetneq supsetneq
nsubseteq nsupseteq nparallel nshortparallel
nvdash nVdash nvDash nVDash ntriangleleft
ntriangleright nleftarrow nrightarrow nLeftarrow
nRightarrow nLeftrightarrow nleftrightarrow
divideontimes nexists Finv Game eqsim beth gimel
daleth lessdot gtrdot shortmid shortparallel
smallsetminus thicksim thickapprox approxeq
succapprox precapprox curvearrowleft
curvearrowright digamma varkappa Bbbk hslash

Here is a shorter list of symbols that are
declared in amssymb.sty that TeXmacs does not display:

risingdotseq fallingdotseq bigstar vartriangle
blacktriangle varpropto smallsmile smallfrown
circleddash diagup diagdown nshortmid
ntrianglerighteq ntrianglelefteq eth

Daniel Bump

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