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Re: [Texmacs-dev] TeXmacs web site

From: Alvaro Tejero Cantero
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] TeXmacs web site
Date: 06 Oct 2003 17:53:52 -0400


> It seems natural to me that the top bar is more important than
> the lower bar, but feedback from other is appreciated.

I really think both bars are better together, below the title.

> I do not know what kind of screen/browser you have, but if the lines fit
> on one line inside TeXmacs than they easily fit on one line in my browser.

They fit, but they span the whole screen width. So you end up with too
many characters per line, which you know is very tiring to read.
Here I'm talking about the HTML export of the site.

> I think that people can imagine these explanations themselves
> from the links 'Download', 'Feedback', 'Help', etc.


> > I would put some texts in the main page with examples of "what texmacs
> > can do for you".
> Yes, I also considered doing that; maybe an 'Examples' link next
> to 'Screenshots'. I wonder though what we should put there exactly.

We could just try to put some explanations next to the screenshots. That
is, only one page. The name should be screenshots, because from my
experience it's what everybody clicks first in.

> > No need to say that I would move the Mhz limitations and such technical
> > details into the FAQ.
> I am not sure; it is quite natural to check the system requirements
> before installing something, especially on non-standard architectures.

Ok, then that belongs as a link in the download page, from my point of

> Does the Wiki harm? It is true that people do not seem to use it anymore.
> Do you have an idea how many people still look at it?

I don't think it's good to have duplicate and/or outdated documentation
lying around. This is for example in order for the known bugs page:
perhaps it could be pointed to savannah.

> Your confusing between getting help and giving help.
> Maybe I should rename 'Help -> Documentation'.
> The point is that 'Documentation' is so long.

I prefer documentation (you can put "Docs" although it's somewhat
informal). The reason is that it's harder to acknowledge one needs help
than to acknowledge one needs documentation, so it's more natural...

You're right concerning the toy examples I mentioned. But I learned that
it's good to put some news on the entry page. In my view you would have
an entry page split in two: permanent info about what TeXmacs is and
isn't  (with a direct download link, but that's my opinion), and then
some news. 

Explaining what TeXmacs is clearly is very important. I have had today
another frustrating "advocacy session" with a cosmology professor at my
faculty. Although I said so several times during our conversation, it
took 20' for him to realize that TeXmacs was _not_ using TeX. Hence my
name change proposal. 

> I know what I want: a mixture of a GNU and Einstein's tongue photo.

Well, that might be funny. We should then advise that we're searching
for such a logo in the webpage. There's a lot of people who might
contribute it. List that among the tasks in the "help us" page.

> This is not exactly true: David should soon a right a utility which
> does all necessary translations of links, we do support CSS,
> *and* we have the full power of TeXmacs behind. In principle,
> we should even create pages with Html/MathML soon...

I'm sorry, I didn't know this state of affairs. I'm also glad this is
so. Perhaps in the future we could write a "TMN" (TeXmacs monthly news)
or start with a 3 month periodicity to inform users of trends, roadmaps
and tips'ntricks from the mailing lists.

> We do not have forms yet though, but they are not really necessary
> at the time being. As to the search facility, it will be provided
> by the CRI team.


I'm, sorry if I went too far in my suggestions. I didn't mean to know
all the truth. 

regards, á.

Álvaro Tejero Cantero

http://alqua.com    --  documentos libres
                        free documents

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