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[Texmacs-dev] guile-1.6

From: Martin Costabel
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] guile-1.6
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 13:29:13 +0200
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I didn't follow the earlier discussions about texmacs and guile-1.6, but now Fink has guile-1.6, too, and I am looking at making a package that takes it into account. A couple of questions:

Is there a big difference in performance between guile-1.4 and guile-1.6? Or is there some other reason to make an effort to run texmacs with guile-1.6 instead of guile-1.4? Fink now has both of them (it was actually me who prevented the maintainer of the Fink guile package from simply replacing 1.4 by 1.6, because my first tests showed problems with texmacs under guile-1.6, like freezing in some menus; these seem to have disappeared now).

There is a problem with the GUILE_LOAD_PATH determined at runtime: Fink has guile version 1.6.4 as determined by `guile-config --version`, and its load-path is "/sw/share/guile/1.6":

martin% guile -c "( display %load-path )"
(/sw/share/guile/site /sw/share/guile/1.6 /sw/share/guile .)

Texmacs constructs a GUILE_LOAD_PATH containing /sw/share/guile/1.6.4 which does not exist and makes it crash. I don't know who is to blame here.

What is the situation on Linux? What do `guile-config --version` and `guile -c "( display %load-path )"` give? Unfortunately, the Linux boxes I can get my hands on here (sourceforge compile farm or our university) only have guile-1.3 or 1.4.


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