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Re: new luatex and texinfo.tex

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: new luatex and texinfo.tex
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 22:25:42 GMT

    I'm looking through the memo but what comes immediately to mind is
    not to use any of the pdftex commands, and output as if we were
    outputting dvi.

As far as I can imagine, that wouldn't be good.  By default, luatex will
write pdf, so I guess (no way to know for sure at this point) the result
would either be an error or a strange kind of "minimal PDF" without the
bookmarks, links, etc. that texinfo.tex creates.

luatex can write dvi but no one cares about that, or will expect it.
(They'd invoke it as dviluatex in that case.)  So I think either
texinfo.tex should recognize the new version of luatex and either be
able to do its normal pdf stuff, or bail out.  (Until someone complains ...)

    I agree there'd seem to be no rush to use luatex extensions.

Indeed, I wasn't thinking about the real extensions (like lua
programming :) available in luatex.  Only in recognizing the new luatex
and defining the needed "aliases" for the long-standing pdftex features,
as listed in that file, so texinfo.tex can output the expected pdf. -k

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