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Re: DTD version confusion

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: DTD version confusion
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 22:06:47 GMT

    With that url the catalog.xml automatically
    generated from tp/maintain/catalog.xml.in 

Hadn't entered my mind.  Glad you knew how to deal with it.
What uses that file?  I tried some greps but could not discern.

    Another possibility for the pretests would be to use
    TEXINFO_DTD_VERSION=6.0 and put the dtd on the final location

Well ... doesn't it seem strange to (possibly) have different files be
version 6.0 at different times?  It somehow seems contrary to the whole
concept of DTDs.  That was my main concern with the presently-intended
scenario, too.

What if we used a completely generic version like "dev" (no numbers)
between official releases, including for pretests?  Then there is only
one dtd being labeled 6.0, and it is simpler to understand what to
switch to and when.  We'd still only have to regenerate tests once upon
a switch to dev, and then a second time for the real release.


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