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@c- is not treated as a comment

From: Karl Berry
Subject: @c- is not treated as a comment
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 22:40:33 GMT

Running makeinfo on the input file:

\input texinfo
@setfilename cdash.info

/tmp/x.tex:3: Unknown command `c-'.

Same for @comment-.

C makeinfo does the same.  But it doesn't seem right to me.  I don't see
anything in the manual that says that @c or @comment have to be followed
by a space.  (texinfo.tex treats the above as a comment.)  Did we
discuss this already?  I don't remember.

Seems like if @c or @comment is followed by anything except another
letter, that is [a-zA-z], it should be considered the comment command.



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