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From: Karl Berry
Subject: po_document/*.us-ascii.po
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 01:03:24 GMT

Hi Patrice,

I received a new version of the German texinfo_document.po today (that
is, po_document/de.us-ascii.po).  It's attached.  It is no longer
completely us-ascii, i.e., contains plenty of non-ASCII UTF-8.  So I
guess I should check it in as de.po and remove de.us-ascii.po?  By
analogy with fr.po and plenty of others.

In general, it seems the translators do not understand, or are
uninterested in, the idea of using Texinfo markup in their translations
(at least partly because, I expect, the po-editing tools do not make that
easy).  See, e.g.,

What are the implications, that is, what is lost when they use UTF-8?
Is the issue if a Texinfo document uses (say) @documentlanguage de, but
is written in (say) ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8?  And then the
translated-to-de document strings will be in UTF-8, which is wrong?
I found some previous discussions about this, but remain unsure.


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