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Re: url style for pdf

From: arnold
Subject: Re: url style for pdf
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 01:20:54 -0700
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>     This is preferable to having no control. 
> Well, you still wouldn't have control.  You'd just be getting the output
> you want.  Which, I think now, is better anyway.

I think I agree. 

BTW I notice that @email also does a different color. Are you going to
change that as well?

>     In any case, I noticed that really long URLs (and they're getting
>     longer these days) 
> Oh, they've been "getting" longer since day one :).
>     don't line break well; can you set a "hyphenation
>     point" or whatever it is at each / character?
> I did that in February 2011.

Indeed, but the address@hidden&*() Ubuntu 12.04 hasn't upgraded. So if I have a
recent texinfo.tex in the same diretory with my file all is hunky dory.
Otherwise it's not.  That's what misled me. Sorry for the noise.



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