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Re: kbd and similar command within code

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: kbd and similar command within code
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 23:09:35 GMT

     @code{in code @r{in r---now @code{in code}}}

    There are 2 issues, should --- -- '' `` be kept as is or should it be
     like in code-style.  

In @r, I think the --- should be transformed into an em-dash, etc.

The fact that the @r is inside @code (or @example) seems irrelevant to
me.  Ditto for @i, @b, @sansserif, @slanted.  @t inside @code/@example
should just be a no-op, I guess.  It is in TeX, anyway.

    And second is should there be quotes for the most inside @code?

I think: no.  Again, the nested @code doesn't seem relevant to me,
because of the intervening @r.  What matters is that @code is (directly)
inside @r, @r is regular text, hence @code should behave like it does in
regular text.

The place where I can see an argument for using quotes for @code is when
it is nested directly inside a code environment:

@code{something @code{else}}
-> something 'else'

@end example
-> 'else'

However, I don't feel strongly about it.  Whatever behavior you have is
ok by me, and I'd rather not document it :).  Irrelevant in practice.


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