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@acronym, @abbr, @email in @node

From: Karl Berry
Subject: @acronym, @abbr, @email in @node
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 21:27:13 GMT

Hi Patrice (hope all is ok there),

In HTML Xref Command Expansion, we wrote:

  An @code{@@acronym} or @code{@@abbr} command is replaced by the first
  argument, followed by the second argument in parentheses, if present.

But this doesn't seem to be the case in my tests.  For example,
@node @acronym{ACRO,nym} @abbr{AB,br}
<a name="ACRO-AB"></a>

Not <a name="ACRO-_0028nym_0029..."> as the above implies.  I think this
behavior is good and we should just change the manual.  Do you agree?

Related, that same node in the manual says:

  An @code{@@email} command is replaced by the @var{text} argument if
  present, else the address.

That does seem to be the case;
@node @email{x@@y.com, X Y}
<a name="X-Y"></a>
But for identification purposes, it somehow would make more sense to me
to use the address than the text label.  Not that I feel terribly
strongly about it.  Wdyt?


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