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Re: proposals of change for INTRODUCTION and Overview of Texinfo

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: proposals of change for INTRODUCTION and Overview of Texinfo
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 22:40:13 GMT

Hi Patrice,

    I think that there are 2 other features that are worth mentioning: the
    fact that it is based on semantic markup, and use only @-commands and 
    braces.  Should we change that in some places?

Semantic markup -- I agree.  I added that in a couple other places.  If
you have others in mind, or come across more, just let me know.

Using only @{} -- this doesn't seem as important to me, being
syntactical.  It's also not completely true, as we know to our sorrow,
since backslashes, commas, colons, hash signs, etc., can all be special
in some contexts.

    I think that the sixth paragraph of '1.5 Printed Books' should be
    removed, as texinfo.tex do not allow much customization.  I don't know
    how to 'make a book look dignified, old and serious, or light-hearted,
    young and cheery.' with texinfo.tex (but maybe I am missing something).

Bob's idea (I assume) was that by changing texinfo.tex you can change
anything -- the fonts used, the spacing, the paper size, anything.  But
I agree with you that the paragraph should be removed, since this is
done not via any Texinfo-level customization but by changing the TeX
code.  And in practice the only changes I have seen done are very small.

    The last paragraph of '1.8 Comments' should be removed, in my opinion,
    it is much too early for such information, and it is mostly incorrect,

Agreed, done.

    second part of the '1.3 Output Formats', beginning with 'From time 
    to time, proposals ...' should be in a separate section, 

Agreed, done.

    I also think that the '1.4 Info Files' is too long and should be more
    oriented towards Texinfo than towards Info for the first half.  

Good idea.  I split it apart and did some (re)writing.  See what you
    I think that the 1.1 'Reporting Bugs' should better at the end of
    'Overview of Texinfo', 

Here I disagree, though admittedly it's a matter of taste.  I put
Reporting Bugs at the beginning because there can be bugs in the first
chapter just like any other, so it seems pretty much the first bit of
information to give to me.


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