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Re: fixes in the texinfo documentation

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: fixes in the texinfo documentation
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:44:43 GMT

Hi Patrice,

    To: address@hidden
    Cc: Karl Berry <address@hidden>
    Subject: fixes in the texinfo documentation

Thanks very much.

    there still remains some, like full tables without @item, and I am
    not sure that this is not what the writer wanted, 

The writers need to find some way to express their wishes in valid
Texinfo, though.

    and also some empty @item which also looks like they are wanted.


Clearly it's not up to us to figure out their manual, but it might be
worth sending them another message with the remaining warnings.  Or
not.  They'll write to us again eventually :).

    So in TeX the @contents is at the beginning, and one may imagine that
    the @contents after the master menu location is on purpose.

I can't imagine why.  It's an easy thing to get in the "wrong" order, I
doubt anything else is happening.  They can move the @contents to after
the titlepage without any problem.

    This makes me think that maybe this warning message should only appear
    when doing error messages for TeX.

And/or only if there is actual non-titlepage text before the @contents.
Which is the actual point of the warning, since it would simply be wrong.

Which also ties in to your previous message about @contents/@titlepage
in HTML, etc. ... anyway.  Have to be later.


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