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From: Karl Berry
Subject: xref{,,,filename}
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 11:39:18 -0700

    there is a bug for @pxref{,,, file name} which is certainly 

FYI, I just made a change to texinfo.tex to try to support cross-manual
xrefs with just an info filename (no printed manual name).

There are still bugs in texinfo.tex related to leading/trailing/internal
spaces in these constructs, but at least the actual printed output is
correct (I believe) and TeX does not give out useless warnings.  I can't
get too excited about such obscure PDF references not working, since
more than likely the target PDF file won't be found no matter what.


P.S. Here was my test file, slightly expanded from yours.

\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-

@setfilename ref_in_sectioning.info


@node Top
@top for example @ref{node} (@pxref{node}) (@pxref{Top,,, file, Manual})

* node::
* chap::
@end menu

@node node
@chapter @xref{node,,title, file name, Manual}.

@node chap
@chapter @ref{node} just node

@section @ref{node, cross ref name}  node, crossref arg2

@section @address@hidden,, @samp{title}}  code node, samptitle arg3

@section @address@hidden,,, file name} code node, file name

@section @ref{node,,,, Manual } node and manual

@section @ref{Top,,,, Manual } Top and manual

@section @ref{,,,, Manual } no node just manual

@section @ref{,,, file name} no node just file name

@section @inforef{a, b, c} inforef a b c 

@section (@pxref{ Top ,,, file name }) pxref Top file name, spaces

@section (@pxref{,,, file name }) pxref file name only, spaces

@section @xref{Top,,,filename} xref Top filename only, no spaces

@section @xref{,,,filename}. xref filename only, no spaces


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