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httex test fail info

From: Karl Berry
Subject: httex test fail info
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:15:41 -0700

Hi Patrice,

For a few days now my nightly run of make check has been failing:
The full output is below.  

I wonder about using "F" (for fail) instead of "D".  I think it would be
more intuitive.

Also, I wonder about using "fail" or "ok" instead of "1" and "0" for the
subtest results.  And including the names of the failed tests?  If it's
easy.  The clearer we can make this output, the better it will be for

Making check in tests
Making check in .
S: (no latex2html) block_EOL_tex
S: (no latex2html) tex
D: formatting/diffs/tex_httex.diff
D: formatting/diffs/tex_complex_httex.diff
S: (no latex2html) tex_complex_l2h
S: (no latex2html) math_not_closed
S: (no latex2html) tex_not_closed
S: (no latex2html) tex_in_copying
formatting: 1
htmlxref: 0
htmlxref-only_mono: 0
htmlxref-only_split: 0
FAIL: parser_base_tests

Anyway, the actual diff files are one line each:
Only in out_parser/tex_httex: zztex_tex4ht_tex.ps
Only in out_parser/tex_complex_httex: zztex_complex_tex4ht_tex.ps

Offhand, I have no idea what's going on.  Any direction?


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