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Re: protecting punctuation in nodes

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: protecting punctuation in nodes
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 16:27:44 -0800

    I think that 2 is more serious than 1, but maybe we would like to handle
    both cases at once?  


    For case 2 Karl proposed quoting with SPACE BACKSPACE.  My guess is
    that space means \x{00} as it is already used for indices and images

Yes, I must have typed SPACE when I meant NUL(L).  Thinking of something
like this:

NUL BS [node name=".:^I" NUL BS ]
NUL BS [xref name="..." NUL BS ]

I guess that spec isn't complete yet, but you get the idea.

    Any idea on the other issue, that is for a line in menu beginning with *
    and with what looks like a node, avoid that line to be considered as

What comes to mind is:
NUL BS [menu text="* whatever:" NUL BS ]
(Same interpretation of the string as with the image directive.)

Of course, these directives should be output by tp only when they are
actually needed, for compatibility.

The time-consuming part of this will be communicating with emacs-devel
and getting them to implement it.  I think we should wait for at least one
Emacs release where it is supported before beginning to output it.
Perhaps it could be output with some kind of explicit option before that.


P.S. Meanwhile, what do you think about the inline stuff?  I would like
to finish that off.

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