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Re: transforming texinfo sources

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: transforming texinfo sources
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 16:01:54 -0800

    PS: irrespective of what is decided, I think that adding elements in the 
    when entering or leaving an @include file, which would be ignored by all 
    the output formats is an interesting idea.

I agree that is often useful information.  The information could be
propagated into the HTML/XML/Docbook output as comments.

    How does emacs Texinfo mode handle those complications and still helps
    automating document menus and nodes structure generation?

I expect that texinfo-mode does nothing about user-defined macros.
Certainly it was originally written long before @macro was dreamed of.

    only when the user defined @-macros do not break the tree structure
    of the Texinfo document.  But I think this could be useful sometime.

I agree that @macro's which mess up the node structure are

    Is it worth toying with that idea?

Sure, except for the sake of getting the release out :).

I'm not quite following all the details of your proposal, but that's ok.
The auto-addition of nodes and menus sounds interesting.  Especially if
the Emacs people would actually like to cooperate for a change and make
use of the feature instead of reimplementing it.  Maybe you'd like to
write them (address@hidden) to see if they're at all receptive to
the idea?


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