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Re: questions for the main TODO file

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: questions for the main TODO file
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 21:53:14 GMT

    I would like to stop changing the code and instead prepare for the 
    (pre)release.  Is it ok?

Yes.  I thought we were :).  (Except I know I've been MIA for weeks
now due to other pressures.)

    First thing, I think that it would be better to have a separate TODO
    for tp and the main TODO.  


      - HTML: different splits for different chapters?
    What does it mean?

The idea, as I recall (years ago), was that a manual might have some
chapters that are very long and could benefit by being split at
sections, while other chapters are very short and don't need to be

I don't think it's worth the trouble to think about.  Let's skip it.

      - HTML: make images of math, maybe.
    Is it considered that support of tex4ht or latex2html for @tex and @math
    closes this issue?


      - HTML: allow settable background color, table colors and spacing,
        <head> meta tags, etc.  A la http://texi2html.cvshome.org.  In fact:
    Is it done?  The url does not seem to be correct anymore...

Clearly left over from before we had the texi2html -> texinfo merge idea
and I was contemplating adding HTML features to C makeinfo.  Remove.

      - XML: cannot be loaded directly in a browser; why not?
    That does not seems strange to me...  How could a browser understand a 
    random XML dialect and do something right with it?

Because it's supposed to be able to look up the DTD and do something.
But I don't really know, or care.  Fine to remove.  If some user runs
into it, we can research again.

      - Docbook: &euro; and other entities do not work; does anything work?
    I have removed this one since I believe it is fixed by using unicode 
    codepoints encoded in utf-8 and using utf-8 as default output encoding.



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