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[Tetum-translators] Ontologies and Scopes

From: Peter Gossner
Subject: [Tetum-translators] Ontologies and Scopes
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:53:55 +1030

Hi guys,
I think I may have found a path that will work well for us.
Give me a couple of days to digest a bit more but:
XML RDF can scope 1st order logic (and higher order logic stuff)
That may well be beaten into a shape that supports Native Language
There is even a logic language call N3 and a full python toolkit called
CWM ("Closed" World Model ) ah cept it's not that closed. (why do they
do that ?)

{CWM can do stuff like convert between various file formats (as
well)it's way bigger than the initial look I had a few days back}

Now the usefull thing here is that there are clear ways of converting
RDF formats into SQL (queries puts etc) for high speed processing yada
yada yada.

(and lots else too .. )

RDF format is build on Predicates so we should be able to define a
schema that encompasses parts of speech and more besides.

1/ will not be limited to first order stuff
2/ may be multi scoped (open ended)
3/ we get to define WTF is important.

More news as brain thing catches on ..

Oh and if we use a RDF based approach then we have a portable method
than is very amenable to downstream processing via the normal XSLT (XML

The trick now is to define a set of logical rules .. Well the first
trick is to understand the various API's :)

This looks like a clean portable path.
On with the show ..

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