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Re: [Tetum-translators] Joint

From: Peter Gossner
Subject: Re: [Tetum-translators] Joint
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 00:27:43 +0930

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:53:00 +0900  "Abel Pires Da Silva"
<address@hidden> scribed:
:>Dear all,
:>My name is Abel. I'm currently working as IT Assistant for Unicef
office in
:>Dili -East Timor. I have experiances in Linux since I wrote my thesis
on C
:>programming language under Linux OS.
:>I am very interresting to join the project, and I am ready to
translate any
:>information (any HOWTOs or  documentations). So, please let me now any
:>available project or sub-project, I will be happy to do that.

Hi Abel 
and welcome aboard !

Perhaps you would be interested in writing :
howto add to the word list 
or /and howto join the project ? In tetum or improving the english

Thanks for your translations to date (and for [1]groking my xml :)
I will post them asap.

As you are actually in Dili may I suggest you use the Dili variant(s) of
Tetum and when in doubt use your dictionary.
By the way which dictionary references do you have ... I will try to get
the same.

For the lists info:
1/ Lev is back in Melbourne 
(only he and his deity know his next stop)
2/ I am back in Woodside (Adelaideish) and while there are plans to get
back to Dili it's going to take some time.
I am supposed to be writing a couple of magazine style articles .. you
know "What I did on my holidays" type things
I have written a couple of reports which are being translated into real
english (and censored :) 
I will post them on my home site reasonably soon.

Here is the word list Abel kindly worked on :
I reckon there is enough to get started on the interface translations
(given we sub English for unknown words)
I am really busy for a few more weeks but then I should be able to get
into it.
Its in an XML format .. apologies if it buggers up any html based mail
apps.: (shouldn't)

<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">access</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Asesu   </msgstr></p>

<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">add</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Tau tan

<msgid lang="en">application</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
Aplicasaun     </msgstr></p>

<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">apply</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
Aplica    </msgstr></p>

<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">bold </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Mahar
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">button </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Butaun     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">case </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Kazu 
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">character </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Lisan     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">chat </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Chat 
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">clear </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
Hamos    </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">configuration </msgid>    tet: 
Configurasaun<msgstr lang="tet">     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">configure </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
  Configura  </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">connect </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Liga     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">connection </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet"> Ligasaun    </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">cut</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">default </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Nanis     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">delete </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Apaga     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">enable </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Halo-bele     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">english</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Ingles </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">entry </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Hatama     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">erase </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Hamos     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">exit</msgid>     tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">sai
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">folder </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Mapa    </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">font </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">letra
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">forward </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Harukaliu     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">general </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Geral     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">hide </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Subar
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">history </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Istoria     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">icon </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">    
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">idle </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">para-hela     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">insert</msgid>     tet:  <msgstr
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">item </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Sa-san     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">link </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Liga-ba     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">load </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Foti-mai     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">login </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Tama-ba     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">logout </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Sai-husi     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">next</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">offline </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">linha-mate     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">online </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Linha-moris     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">path </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Dalan
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">process </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Prosesu     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">progress </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Progressu     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">read only </msgid>    tet: <msgstr
lang="tet">    Le-deit </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">recent</msgid>     tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Foun     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">redo </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">halo-fali     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">release </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Hasai     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">refresh </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
Halo foun    </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">release notes </msgid>    tet:Nota hasai 
<msgstr lang="tet">   </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">reload</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">hatama fali</msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">remove </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Hasai     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">replace</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Truka fah</msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">request</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Husu     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">restart </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Komesa-fali     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">run </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Hala'o
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">save as </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Rai-nudar     </msgstr></p> ou Grava-nudar
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">save</msgid>     tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">grava</msgstr></p> or Rai
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">search </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Buka     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">select all</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">select</msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Hili
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">show </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Hatudu     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">skin </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Kulit
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">task </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr lang="tet">Knar 
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">tasklist </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Lista-knar     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">undo </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">La-halo     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">unload </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">La-foti     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">window </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Janela     </msgstr></p>
<p>en:  <msgid lang="en">workspace </msgid>    tet:  <msgstr
lang="tet">Knar-fatin     </msgstr></p>

msgid = message identification msgstr = message string
These are used to identify the strings to be translated within the
source code.
the <p> paragaraph tags are just so it works on the website AOK when I
move it to XML  or xhtml.
(You don't need to submit like this !) It just makes it perfectly clear.
(and perhaps I can write an automated "translator" ... not this week)
Oh I wrapped it at 62 characters wide which is why it look terrible.

Bon noite (?)
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