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[Taler] Why the 2 fractional digits limit in the sandbox?

From: Florian Jung
Subject: [Taler] Why the 2 fractional digits limit in the sandbox?
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 02:09:42 +0100
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while trying to reproduce the issue that throws an invalid EBICS error when transferring 1µEUR in the sandbox (the smallest possible amount seemed to be 10µEUR due to a 5 fractional digits limit in the XML parser), I found out that recent versions of the sandbox only allow 2 fractional digits (i.e. whole eurocents, no fractional cents any more).

The change was introduced with f5995b846492c7b091c09e204f7c6450b5369034.

I found a comment saying:

+                    /**
+                     * NOTE: this check breaks the compatibility with pain.001, +                     * because that allows up to 5 fractional digits.  For Taler +                     * compatibility however, we enforce the max 2 fractional digits policy.
+                     */

While this explains to me why I was unable to transfer 1µEUR (the sandbox wrongfully created a statement with that amount, which then rightfully was rejected as invalid), I don't understand why we are now limiting the amounts to 2 fractional digits only.

In my tests, no part of the setup broke when I used amounts with 5 fractional digits.

Ideally, the allowed fractional digits could be configured, because I see use cases where only 2 digits are allowed (anything that mimics a "real" bank which probably only allows whole eurocents) and cases where lots of digits are allowed (e.g. for our WICMP setup, we used the full 5 digit range for microtransactions).

On the other hand: Would it be possible for the *exchange* to support coins in smaller fractions, while the sandbox / bank supports payouts only whole cents? That would allow us to have microtransactions at least in the Taler world (which would be enough. nobody wants to pay a sepa fee for a 0.1 eurocent transfer :D)



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