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Re: [Taler] Is it possible to use Taler with Palai?

From: Hendursaga
Subject: Re: [Taler] Is it possible to use Taler with Palai?
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2023 14:45:05 -0500

Tyler Zahnke <programmer651@gmail.com> writes:

Hello Tyler,

> The more I research Taler, the more I see this as an acceptable
> question, as Taler is a payment system, not a currency. In some ways,
> despite not being a GNU project, I guess because it's a not-for-profit
> project, I see Palai as being reminiscent of Taler except Taler is not
> a currency, Palai is. So would it be possible to make an exchange
> where people can use the Taler browser extension to make a Palai
> payment? I actually learned about GNU Taler from a post that was
> hating on it, and they also hated on Palai, but I liked Palai, so I
> thought I would like Taler, and I do. So, can Taler be used alongside
> Palai?

>From their homepage and FAQ, with statements like "It pays to join early" and 
>"You profit from signing up early on," it just makes it look like a crude 
>pyramid scheme, with referral bonuses and all.

Whether it would work with GNU Taler is a different question - there's already 
been some discussion on UBI already - but I won't comment because I don't see 
any legitimate reason to look any further into this potential scam.

~ Hendursaga

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