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Re: [Taler] WICMP aftermath and web-based POS terminal

From: Sebastian Javier Marchano
Subject: Re: [Taler] WICMP aftermath and web-based POS terminal
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2023 09:33:16 -0300

Florian, Timm

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing back into the list. 
I would like to know more about your experience and pain points so I will write to you soon. 


On Sun, 1 Jan 2023 at 21:28, Florian Jung via Taler <taler@gnu.org> wrote:

the WICMP is over and we sold almost 20% of our food and drinks via GNU
Taler! :)

Since I couldn't make the Android POS terminal app work, Timm/Spitfire
(in CC, but not subscribed to the list) kindly built a web-based one. It
is now open source and can be found at


It's still live, but will go down soon:

Old version (one-click buy without basket):

New version (two-click buy with basket):

Both sites will ask you for a JSON which should hopefully be compatible
to the format the Android app uses. Use
https://sell.tschunk.shop/bar.json for best results.

(Currently, the access control is purely security-by-obscurity, though.)

Our experience with web-based solutions were positive: Some of the
hardware we used at the points of sale were either very old (Android
<=5), or not Android at all (laptops or Apple Phones), so they couldn't
even run the Cashier app. Using web-based taler-pos for selling, and the
bank webui for withdrawing coins worked well on all devices.

(Only the "Captcha" on withdrawal was a bit annoying, but one can easily
patch that out, i guess ;)).

Thank you all once again for your kind support to make this happen :).



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