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[Taler] Pointing taler-exchange to my libeufin nexus / sandbox setup

From: Florian Jung
Subject: [Taler] Pointing taler-exchange to my libeufin nexus / sandbox setup
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 02:33:23 +0100
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Hey everyone,

By now, I have setup with libeufin-sandbox and libeufin-nexus. I have an ebics connection and have imported the sandboxed bank account to my nexus:

libeufin-cli connections import-bank-account --offered-account-id jrluser --nexus-bank-account-id myconn_jrluser myconn

taler and anastasis facades are set up (even though I don't understand what the latter is for. Can you explain?)

The nexus has a superuser (god / supersecret) and a normal user (myuser / mypass).

What I now don't understand is how to proceed: How do I setup my exchange to use that bank account? In detail, what config options are required and how does the payto uri need to look like: Is

PAYTO_URI = "payto://iban/AB123456" # output of `libeufin cli accounts show`
WIRE_GATEWAY_URL = http://nexus-host:5017/ # same as LIBEUFIN_NEXUS_URL. Or do i need trailing paths?

USERNAME = myuser
PASSWORD = mypass


Does it only allow to "load" taler wallets by wiring money *into* this AB123456 account? Or can we already "pay out" money by wiring money *from* this account to an user-specified account (destroying their Talers)?

I guess in the real world, this would be equivalent to the exchange's account at a higher-level bank (possibly the central bank), correct?

And how does this account interact with the Taler Cashier app? IIUC, the Cashier can transfer money from one taler wallet to another. So do I assume correctly that I need to fake a sandbox transaction into the AB123456 account, so the exchange believes that the cashier's wallet has been loaded with *lots of money*?

Or can I configure the exchange / the libeufin sandbox (which?) such that the cashier's account may go into debt?

My goal is to handle the payment of drinks and food at a (hacker) event over Taler; there would be a (human-operated) place where you can swap money into taler, and then you can pay it.

It would be very handy if that "cashier account" would just go into debt, so that in the end, we can check that the amount of physical money in the box equals the negative account balance. Can it work that way?

Thank you for all the help so far, and I hope I can contribute back by improving the manual a bit more :).



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