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[Taler] Questions re: Taler Project

From: Jordan Howlett
Subject: [Taler] Questions re: Taler Project
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2022 09:40:24 -0400

Hi, there. Jordan here.

I just came across Taler the other day (ashamed I have never heard of it!). I'm a long time fan of Bitcoin but I think what Taler is doing is a great compromise and has lots of potential.

I have a few questions which I would be super grateful if someone helped me out, and I apologize if they are answered somewhere. 

Also, if it's easier i'd love to jump on a call with someone and I am happy to compensate for your time :) Also, links to the docs are a fine answer, i'm going through but there is a lot to consume.

1. Could one theoretically deploy this today with a fake token? Set up a fake exchange that just issues made up money?
2. What is the major difference between this and Open Transactions?
3. For microtransaction usage: Could you request a lump sum from the exchange and then spend that in smaller increments with the merchant? Or would each microtransaction be requested individually from the exchange?
4. What is the current status of wallet-to-wallet? Another question regarding that is - in wallet-to-wallet, would the receiver have to behave like a merchant in sense of the lack of privacy / taxation?

I probably have a few more, going to keep digging in! Sorry for the blast of questions, but really cool project here, would love to help where I can!

Thanks :)

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