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Re: [Taler] Exploring with taler

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [Taler] Exploring with taler
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2021 10:56:57 +0100
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Dear Alex,

All the components for a local fair basically exist. You would
(currently) need:

- The Python bank backend (soon to be replaced by LibEuFin) where you
create accounts for all merchants and cashiers; its a Django app, some
interactions will require use of the CLI.
- The Android cashier app (which allows cashiers to issue electronic
coins to visitors -- usually in return for cash); the cashier accounts
need to be provisioned with an initial balance in the Python bank;
- The Android merchant app (which allows merchants to quickly sell
goods); the merchant app is configured via an HTTP endpoint (so you need
some HTTP server) from where it downloads its configuration (in JSON).
The configuration allows you to group products into categories and set
prices, and also configures the merchant backend instance to use;
(Torsten: do we have documentation on the format somewhere?). Each
vendor at the fair will need to have a (cheap) Android tablet or phone.
- The Taler merchant backend (you can use one per merchant, or host
multiple instances at one endpoint, so theoretically one will suffice
for the entire fair);
- The Taler exchange
- The Taler Android app for visitors to pay with.
- The iOS wallet is still not available/working. Jonathan may be able to
say something about when he thinks it will be ready (March 2022 seems
- The fair needs to provision Internet access at all Points-of-sale,
  at least connecting to the bank, exchange and merchant backends.

All that said, merely configuring the components to work nicely together
remains a challenge. Florian has a plan for simplifying the process, but
I'm not sure when he will conclude that part.

We will of course be happy to answer questions you may have here on the
list. However, if you are looking for reliable commercial support to
make _sure_ things are working (like, if you need this to 100% work in
March because your 300,000 visitors depend on it) our company Taler
Systems SA _might_ be able to assist as well (including on-site).
Regardless, given the current limited availablity of the wallet App on
iOS, I personally think it would not be wise to expect all visitors to
exclusively pay using Taler in March 2022. However, this would be a
realistic goal for March 2023.

My 2 cents


On 10/30/21 11:14 PM, Alex Sanchez wrote:
> Hello friends,
> My name is Alex, I watched your presentation from SHA2017 on youtube.
> 1,000 000 KUDOS for your great presentation. 
> My understanding of Taler is that you want to provide a mechanism to
> protect the buyer's identity from the merchants but also provide a way
> to let governments to watch the market activity and maybe collect taxes
> and so on. And all of that without the hassle of blockchain.
> I'm gathering things I need to build a solution for a local fair, within
> the solution users can buy credit using local bank services in order to
> pay for entrance, goods or services inside the fair event.
> After seeing your presentation and using the actual demo from
> demo.taler.net <http://demo.taler.net> I think this sistem could be very
> useful from my point of view. 
> For example, a fair attendant can buy credit using a local bank service
> but using our app, later taler can handle all transactions between
> clients and merchants for: tickets, foods and attractions, all of that
> only during the fair days.
> I'm Part of a group of local software developers from Chirquí, Panamá.
> We are entrepreneurs using software to solve old or traditional problems
> in our country. Here is the fair in case you want to come next
> year. CHC6+7M David <https://goo.gl/maps/Tt6hLGoV77UiaQnH6
> I think an implementation of taler in such way could be possible, but I
> would like to hear your thoughts and if this could be possible.
> I appreciate your time and I would like to hear more about taler in the
> future.
> -- 
> * alexSanchez();*

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