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Re: [Taler] age-restriction is about coins, not currencies

From: Oezguer Kesim
Subject: Re: [Taler] age-restriction is about coins, not currencies
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2021 12:01:31 +0200

Thus spake Schanzenbach, Martin (mschanzenbach@posteo.de):

> Is it ethical for a shop to sell hard alcohol to minors if the parents
> do not care / do not know / disagree with the law?
> Is the shop ethically responsible to verify the age of a customer
> before selling certain items? If yes, who sets the rules (legal age,
> restricted items)?
> In other words, how do you (as a shop owner) enforce it given the
> above constraint that parents do not play along?

Hard alcohol is a good example where society might require a more strict
age verification, and I would agree.

But there are still enough use cases for my proposal to become an
acceptable age restriction mechanism.  The initial post from RSM to this
thread is about online games, which seem to be a good use case for the
proposed mechanism.  Others might be: streaming services with age
restrictions, social networks with age restrictions, etc.

I consider the proposed extension to GNU Taler as an _additional_ tool
that society can use for age restriction that is better in some aspects
of privacy and control than other tools.  Other tools might be more
appropriate or required in some situations.

I don't see how the proposal _substracts_ from the options society can
choose from or _reduces_ the freedom of its citizens.

-- oec

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