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[Taler] caps are about currency not coins

From: Fabian Kirsch
Subject: [Taler] caps are about currency not coins
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2021 07:18:43 +0000


The whole capabilities feature is a currency feature. And therefor outside of talers implementation concern.

So as taler coins can reflect any currency on earth, i suggest to run a bank which has "$18+", "$21+" as well as "$" in their currency portfolio. And then any service may say "please id, or use $21+ coins". The bank knows their customers but not their spending behaviour. Europeans may choose "€", "€16+", "€18+".

For other caps like "$,food only" it is the bank that checks its merchants to be eligible. The service could advertise "we accept $-food-only". This allows questions like "does beer count as food" to be settled different in different parts of the world.

This also makes the whole topic a regional one, where cultural norms are more likely to find agreement whether they want the capabilty feature or not.

greetings Fabian

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