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Re: [Taler] Updates for supporting applications?

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [Taler] Updates for supporting applications?
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2021 14:26:18 +0200
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Hi Cypher,

Yes, I expect so. However, I don't know when exactly Torsten and/or
Florian will find the time to complete their part of the packaging
(maybe they already did?) and then the corporate overlords will surely
take their time to approve the upload(s) into their walled gardens.

And sure, I'm also all for supporting non-App-store installations
better. But it'll take a bit more time to get this stuff 'right'.

Happy hacking!


On 9/4/21 2:05 PM, Cypher wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there expected to be upcoming releases soon for Taler's supporting
> applications?  Such as the android wallet, npm's taler-wallet-cli
> package, or Firefox's wallet plugin?
> Thanks

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