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[Taler] Using taler for fun between two people

From: MP
Subject: [Taler] Using taler for fun between two people
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 19:05:30 +0000

Hello! Longtime crypto and digicash enthusiast. I wanted to ask about if it was possible - and what it'd take - to use Taler as a simple form of personal remittance.

The context is that myself and my partner front money for eachother every now and again; But we both think it'd be fun to have some sort of intermediate monetary exchange we settle with cash later on. I understand taler doesn't work the same as Bitcoin - there must be a bank to issue monetary units, cashiers to accept them, and wallets to store them, right?

So, then, how could this be set up between two geeks for fun? Any suggestions? If it helps, she runs windows, I run Linux, and we both use Android.
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