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[Taler] headless wallet package for node / cli help wanted

From: Florian Dold
Subject: [Taler] headless wallet package for node / cli help wanted
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 01:21:57 +0200
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Hi all,

thanks to some recent (and ongoing!) restructuring efforts, the
TypeScript wallet now also runs outside of the browser as a node
package.  This makes testing a lot easier!

The packaged version is available as an NPM package now:


This package is preliminary and not really generally usable yet.  The
goal with this is to eventually have a nice command line interface for
the wallet, as well as to expose the wallet via an API to other node

Right now, it is possible to run the hard-coded command line integration
test (that creates a random bank user, withdraws and spends) as follows:

$ # install wallet with all dependencies into current directory
$ npm add taler-wallet
$ # use it!
$ node -e "tw = require('taler-wallet'); tw.runIntegrationTest();"

or alternatively

$ node ./node_modules/taler-wallet/dist/node/headless/taler-wallet-cli.js

As I'll be focusing on finishing the Android wallet GUI (which
internally uses the above package as a backend), I'd appreciate any help
in making a working command line interface.

In particular, there should be subcommands like

* taler-wallet-cli withdraw -> create reserve for withdrawing
* taler-wallet-cli balance -> show balance
* taler-wallet-cli pay <URL> -> pay for a contract
* taler-wallet-cli list-purchases
* taler-wallet-cli refund <URL> -> process refund
* ... and so on.

Anybody interested?  This might be a good task for Marcello.

Doing this mostly involves getting to know the code base and doing some
plumbing, as all the underlying functionality including DB storage is
already implemented.

- Florian

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