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Re: [Taler] Allow history rewrite on feature branches

From: Florian Dold
Subject: Re: [Taler] Allow history rewrite on feature branches
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2019 14:40:41 +0200
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Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the helpful log message.

There was an error in the configuration where user names containing a
dash (-) would not be recognized properly and would not be allowed to
force push their own dev branches!

That should be fixed now, please try again and let me know if it works.

- Florian

On 4/27/19 12:05 PM, Lukas Großberger wrote:
> I'm asking because simply "git push --force" doesn't do the trick for
> the proper development branch but results in the following error:
> remote: refs/heads/dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template
> 49ada70762b680dc3e6e063bb9263c3b167f3e88
> 99ecf1bcbcfc8daa4f499d7d3317e57be395e250
> remote: Commit 99ecf1bcbcfc8daa4f499d7d3317e57be395e250 was signed by a
> GPG key: gpg: Signature made Sat Apr 27 11:47:01 2019 CEST
> remote: A force-push or delete is only possible for branches named
> 'dev/USER/...'.
> remote: Admins are excluded from this policy, please ask them if you
> really have to delete a branch.
> remote:
> remote: Repo            web-common
> remote: User            lukas-grossberger
> remote: Stage           From git's update hook
> remote: Ref             VREF 'FORBIDDEN_FORCE_PUSH'
> remote: Operation       Rewind push branch or overwrite tag
> remote:
> remote: FATAL: + VREF/FORBIDDEN_FORCE_PUSH web-common lukas-grossberger
> remote: error: hook declined to update
> refs/heads/dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template
> To ssh://address@hidden/web-common.git
>  ! [remote rejected] dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template ->
> dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template (hook declined)
> error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://address@hidden/web-common.git'
> On 27.04.19 10:30, Lukas Großberger wrote:
>> How do I need to configure my local git repo such that I am recognized
>> as $USER when interacting with the gitolite server?
>> On 27.04.19 00:32, Florian Dold wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> this is already implemented, albeit not documented yet.
>>> If gitolite knows you as user $USER, then you can force push to branches
>>> of the form
>>> and if that's not working it's a bug.  I'll add this to the onboarding
>>> manual.
>>> - Florian
>>> On 4/26/19 10:36 PM, Christian Grothoff wrote:
>>>> On 4/26/19 9:50 PM, Lukas Großberger wrote:
>>>>> Dear Taler team,
>>>>> currently, a server side hook prevents people from force pushing (i.e.
>>>>> rewriting version history).
>>>>> I find amending commits or squashing commits to be quite useful to keep
>>>>> the history of a feature branch tidy before merging.
>>>>> How do you feel about making an exception in that hook for branches with
>>>>> the prefix "feature/"?
>>>>> Best, Lukas
>>>> I'm generally OK with allowing force pushes for branches other than
>>>> master.  However, I don't know what the best policy here is, i.e.
>>>> whether we should allow anyone to force push everywhere, or say only
>>>> $USER to branches starting with $USER.  ng0/Florian: you two usually
>>>> have strong opinions on these kinds of matters, please just propose,
>>>> implement and document (in onboarding manual) some sane policy here.

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