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Re: [Taler] Allow history rewrite on feature branches

From: Lukas Großberger
Subject: Re: [Taler] Allow history rewrite on feature branches
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2019 12:05:47 +0200
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I'm asking because simply "git push --force" doesn't do the trick for
the proper development branch but results in the following error:

remote: refs/heads/dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template
remote: Commit 99ecf1bcbcfc8daa4f499d7d3317e57be395e250 was signed by a
GPG key: gpg: Signature made Sat Apr 27 11:47:01 2019 CEST
remote: A force-push or delete is only possible for branches named
remote: Admins are excluded from this policy, please ask them if you
really have to delete a branch.
remote: Repo            web-common

remote: User            lukas-grossberger

remote: Stage           From git's update hook

remote: Ref             VREF 'FORBIDDEN_FORCE_PUSH'

remote: Operation       Rewind push branch or overwrite tag

remote: FATAL: + VREF/FORBIDDEN_FORCE_PUSH web-common lukas-grossberger
remote: error: hook declined to update
To ssh://address@hidden/web-common.git
 ! [remote rejected] dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template ->
dev/lukas-grossberger/common-base-template (hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://address@hidden/web-common.git'

On 27.04.19 10:30, Lukas Großberger wrote:
> How do I need to configure my local git repo such that I am recognized
> as $USER when interacting with the gitolite server?
> On 27.04.19 00:32, Florian Dold wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this is already implemented, albeit not documented yet.
>> If gitolite knows you as user $USER, then you can force push to branches
>> of the form
>> and if that's not working it's a bug.  I'll add this to the onboarding
>> manual.
>> - Florian
>> On 4/26/19 10:36 PM, Christian Grothoff wrote:
>>> On 4/26/19 9:50 PM, Lukas Großberger wrote:
>>>> Dear Taler team,
>>>> currently, a server side hook prevents people from force pushing (i.e.
>>>> rewriting version history).
>>>> I find amending commits or squashing commits to be quite useful to keep
>>>> the history of a feature branch tidy before merging.
>>>> How do you feel about making an exception in that hook for branches with
>>>> the prefix "feature/"?
>>>> Best, Lukas
>>> I'm generally OK with allowing force pushes for branches other than
>>> master.  However, I don't know what the best policy here is, i.e.
>>> whether we should allow anyone to force push everywhere, or say only
>>> $USER to branches starting with $USER.  ng0/Florian: you two usually
>>> have strong opinions on these kinds of matters, please just propose,
>>> implement and document (in onboarding manual) some sane policy here.

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