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SysV init 3.03 released

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: SysV init 3.03 released
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2022 12:55:45 -0300
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I'm releasing a minor change following a few bug reports on SysV init 3.02.

This release includes two minor changes. One is fixing a typo in the
init manual page (init.8). this fix was offered by Mark hindley.

Mark, and a few other people, also pointed out that a fix in 3.02 for
bootlogd introduced reliance on a defined PATH_MAX constant. This is
used elsewhere in the code, but is not explicitly defined in bootlogd,
which caused bootlogd to not build properly on GNU Hurd and musl C
systems. This has been fixed.

The new version can be downloaded from GitHub:

Please report any problems to the issue tracker:

- Jesse

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