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Release of SysV init 3.02

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: Release of SysV init 3.02
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2022 22:56:55 -0300
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I'm pleased to announce the release of SysV init 3.02. This release has
a few more changes than usual, mostly minor improvements and
documentation updates.

One significant change in this release is the introduction of a
translation framework provided by Mario Blttermann. Hopefully this will
make working with translations of the manual pages easier for packagers.

Another important change is we are migrating from Savannah
infrastructure to GitHub. More developers seem to want to use it as a
platform and the release process should be smoother. It'll also be
easier for people to subscribe to updates/changes this way, I feel.

Version 3.02 is being released on both platforms (Savannah and GitHub)
to ease the transition. However, future releases will probably be
published on GitHub exclusively unless someone puts forward a strong
case for maintaining releases in two places.

The new source code tarball can be downloaded from


Issues can be reported here:

Changes between 3.01 and 3.02:

    * Added q and Q flags to synopsis in shutdown manual page.
    * Applied fixes for markup and spacing in manual pages.
      Patch provided by Mario Blattermann.
    * Added translation framework (po4a) from Mario Blttermann.
    * Added Makefile for man/ directory. Will handle translations
      and substitutions.
    * Applied new translations for multiple languages from Mario
    * Added ability to use "@" symbol in command named in the inittab
file. This
      treats commands as literal and does not launch a shell to
interpret them.
    * Updated inittab manual page to include overview of symbols which
      a shell interpretor and how to disable them using the @ symbol.
    * Introduced change which adds error checking in bootlogd when
      chdir(). - Provided by Alexander Vickberg
    * Add check for console using TIOCGDEV on Linux systems in bootlogd to
      make finding console more robust. - Provided by Alexander Vickberg

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