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SysV init 3.00 released

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: SysV init 3.00 released
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 18:44:43 -0300
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Hello fellow init enthusiasts!

I'm pleased to report SysV init 3.00 has been uploaded to the server.
The new tarball will soon be available on the Savannah mirrors [1]

The new release, despite the bump in version number, is relatively
minor. The bootlogd utility is now more flexible about what it will
accept as a console device. Before we were somewhat limited to "normally
named" console devices. Now anything that passes a sanity check will
work. The bootlogd utility will accept the name of a console on the
kernel command line in the form of "console=/dev/device-name".

Thanks to Matthias Schiffer for fixing the blootlogd console detection.

For all practical purposes SysV init 3.00 is identical to the 3.00-beta
release from around six weeks ago. It's the same code, just with an
updated Change Log.

Should you encounter any bugs, please report them to this mailing list
or to the bug tracker [2].

All the best,



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