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SysV init 3.00 beta

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: SysV init 3.00 beta
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2021 20:18:24 -0300
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Hello everyone,

I'm publishing a minor beta release which will, assuming testing goes
well, become SysV init 3.00. The new package contains just one notable
change: the bootlogd can now accept just about any device name to use as
the console. In the past we limited the console (passed in on the kernel
command line) to known TTY devices.

Thanks to a submitted patch from Matthias Schiffer bootlogd should now
work with any available console that is specified on the kernel command
line.Instead of checking a limited set of names bootlogd will now accept
any device, but check to make sure it is a TTY console or compatible device.

The new beta release can be download from here:

Please let me know in the next few weeks if there are any issues. If I
don't get any bug reports this will become version 3.00.


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