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[sysvinit-devel] New beta release available for testing

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: [sysvinit-devel] New beta release available for testing
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 12:29:19 -0300
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I am pleased to report I've updated new beta packages for SysV init,
insserv and startpar. This new packages mostly contain bug fixes
(summary of changes below).

Assuming the beta testing goes well, I am hoping to publish new stable
releases for these three packages around mid-September. Please let me
know before then if you encounter any bugs.

One note of warning: Due to some changes in the test suites (especially
for startpar), the latest version of startpar will not pass tests with
older versions of insserv installed on the system. This is because only
newer versions of insserv use the "-i" flag to specify the location of
the init.d directory and the "-i" flag is used in the startpar test suite.

Please note that startpar will still work with older versions of insserv
in most production environments, it is just the test suite that will
fail some tests that rely on the new insserv feature. Running mixed
versions of startpar and insserv in most production environments will
still work, assuming the init.d directory is located at /etc/init.d/

- Jesse

Changes since the last stable release:

SysV init - 2.96-beta

* Added -z command line paramter to pidof which tells pidof to
try to find processes in uninterruptable (D) or zombie (Z) states.
This can cause pidof to hang, but produces a more complete process
Closes Savannah bug #56534

* Reformatted init code to make if/while logic more clear.

* Cleaned up some output from readbootlog.

* Added -e flag to bootlogd. When -e is used, data saved
to the boot log file does not have escape characters
removed. This means colour and cursor movement codes
stay in the log file. The may then look nicer when
read with "less -R', but may appear cluttered or
out of alignment when viewed with other, plain-text tools.
When -e is not used, escape characters are removed/filtered.
Closes Debian bug #672361.

insserv - 1.21.0-beta

- Fixed typo in insserv.8 manual page.
- Make it clear that when --verbose (-v) flag is used,
  status information is printed to stderr.
- Added silent (-q) flag which blocks warning messages
  to stderr. In this mode insserv only prints fatal
  error messages.
- Fixed typo when assigning directory path when -i is used.
  Updated testsuite to match fixed directory path when -i is used

startpar - 0.64-beta

* Added sys/sysmacros.h header on non-FreeBSD systems to
  make it possible to use makedev().

* Fixed typos in manual page. Patches provided by Dmitry Bogatov.

* Make sure we do not try to use unallocated memory when detecting consoles.

* Fixed handing of overriding location of init.d on the command line.

* Fixed testsuite script to give better results to tests. Numbered
  tests so mixed "success" and "failure" messages would be more clear.

* Updated testsuite to work with insserv 1.20.0 and newer.

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