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Re: [sysvinit-devel] Addressing bugs and older packages on Debian/Devuan

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: Re: [sysvinit-devel] Addressing bugs and older packages on Debian/Devuan
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 15:48:41 -0300
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On 10/28/18 3:17 PM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Jesse Smith]
>> I am working with a few of the people on the list to try to address
>> and close old bugs filed against the Debian sysvinit-core
>> package. We've gone through around 30 bugs so far, closing,
>> reassigning or fixing the issues.
> Very good.  I hope someone get around to splitting the initscripts
> package out from the sysvinit package in Debian, as their "upstream
> source" is widely different.

I think that has already been done. Debian has one package called
initscripts and another called sysvinit-core and another, related
package called sysvinit-utils. Unfortunately, users often don't know
which component is causing a problem which leads to a lot of bugs being
filed against init (the software) instead of the init scripts.

>> The resulting changes upstream are being applied in the "2.92" git
>> branch of SysV.
> I assume you are aware that SysV is a short form of UNIX System V, see
> <URL: >.

Of course. :)

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