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Re: [sysvinit-devel] New releases for sysvinit, startpar, insserv

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: Re: [sysvinit-devel] New releases for sysvinit, startpar, insserv
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 20:08:01 -0300

Congratulations on the new release.

Where is the source?, I can't get it from

"The requested URL /sysvinit/sysvinit-2.91.tar.xz was not found on this

On Fri, 19 Oct 2018 17:05:25 -0300
Jesse Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

> I am happy to report, after nothing broke during testing, that I am
> releasing a new version of SysV init, along with its companion
> utilities
> - startpar and insserv.
> For the most part, the work which went into startpar and insserv were
> just code clean-ups. These two related projects had not had new
> versions in a while and did not compile anymore with modern versions
> of Clang and GCC. That has been fixed and these should both now build
> without needing any patching downstream.
> SysV init had a couple of noteworthy changes. We now track runlevels
> on systems without utmp, so distributions using the musl c library are
> better supported. On systems with utmp, init continues to use it so
> there is no chance for conflict between the two approaches.
> Some clean-up was done with the console= kernel parameter code and
> pidof now has a quiet mode.
> That about covers it. packages and signatures for  insserv 1.17.0,
> startpar 0.60, and sysvinit 2.91 can be found here:
> - Jesse
> A detailed changelog for each project follows:
> insserv:
> - Updated insserv.c and listing.h to fix compile errors.
> - Fixed Makefile so that all source dependencies are found.
> - Allow CC to be defined outside of Makefile so we are not tied to
> GCC.
> - Fixed function definitions, moved code (map_ functions) used in
> multiple places out of insserv.c and into its own module called map.c
>   Makes it easier to fix Makefile to build with modern
> systems/compilers.
> - Cleaned up the last of the compiler errors on Clang and almost all
> the warnings from GCC. (Different versions of GCC conflict so we end
> up with warnings on one version or another.)
> startpar:
> - Updated manual page with new copyright.
> - Updated Makefile to work with GCC or Clang.
> - Updated Makefile to no longer use SVN, we use git now.
> - Fixed package building and signing in Makefile.
> - Added short description of startpar to README file.
> - Cleaned up unused temp/defines in Makefile.
> sysvinit:
>     * Adjusted order of compile flags to make it easier for downstream
>       to adjust optimization level. Patch provided by Matias Fonzo.
>       Can now set optimization level in CFLAGS variable.
>     * Added --version command line flag to display current version
> info. Updated manual page for init.8 to match.
>     * Version information is now fetched and defined by the Makefile.
>       No more need to update the version manually in the init.c
> source.
>     * The init process now writes the current runlevel
> to /var/run/runlevel. This information can be read by the "runlevel"
> command as well as "halt"
>       and "reboot". Having the information logged
> in /var/run/runlevel as well as the utmp file means systems without
> utmp (like those running the musl C library) can still check the
> current runlevel. This is useful when running halt/reboot as these
> programs want to check the runlevel.
>     * Added patch from Walter Harms which allows pidof to run without
>       displaying output. In this mode pidof simply returns true or
> false without displaying PID values.
>       Updated manual page with new -q (quiet) mode.
>       Added -h flag for pidof, which was recognized before, but not
> used. The -h flag now displays brief usage information for pidof.
>     * Added check for kernel parameter init.autocon=1. If this
> exists, then init will try to open its own console. If not, then any
> console= parameters will be ignored. This avoids conflicts with
> native kernel created consoles.

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