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[sysvinit-devel] Minor code toch-ups

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: [sysvinit-devel] Minor code toch-ups
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 17:23:21 -0300
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Minor updates and progress:

Lately I've been working on the startpar and insserv code, mostly the
latter. Now that we're using git instead of svn, and I'm trying to make
each code base work with both gcc and clang compilers, there were some
minor changes required to get these programs to build.

The startpar code base didn't really need any help. It has aged well and
I just made some updates to the Makefile to make it flexible on which
compiler to use and to work with the new version control system.

The insserv code has been trickier. Some of the original declarations &
keywords are not recognized anymore by gcc (or clang). And the code was
organized in a way which prevented it from building. Basically some
functions declarations were in one file and needed in another and the
modern gcc was not forgiving of this arrangement. So I've moved some
code around and created a new .c file to basically make a new module
that can be used where it is needed in the other .c files.

Basically, in both cases I'm not introducing features or tracking down
bugs. I'm just getting the code to build on a modern Linux distro. And,
in the case of insserv, documenting dependencies for the README file.

The changes so far have been tested and confirmed to work on my
machines. I have uploaded the changes to git in a testing branch. I plan
to publish "beta" tarballs of all three code bases (init, startpar and
insserv) around the end of the month for people to try.

- Jesse

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