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Re: [sysvinit-devel] Reading runlevel without utmp

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: Re: [sysvinit-devel] Reading runlevel without utmp
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2018 20:31:41 -0300

On Sat, 7 Jul 2018 20:39:10 -0300
Jesse Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

> Today I pushed new code to the git "2.91" branch which makes init (and
> its associated tools) write the current runlevel to a log file
> (/var/run/runlevel). Having this information here, as well as in utmp,
> lets us check/confirm the current runlevel on systems that do not
> support utmp. This should come in handy on platforms like FreeBSD and
> Linux distros that use the musl C library.

Ah, very nice. I have been waiting this change, I will download the
tarball from git for testing, tomorrow.

> That's the theory anyway. :) I have tested it on my own machines by
> booting and then deleting the /var/run/utmp file to confirm the halt,
> reboot and runlevel tools could still properly detect the current
> runlevel.
> So far the change is working for me and I'm no longer getting errors
> from halt/reboot when utmp does not exist. I'd like to get feedback on
> whether this change is working for others. I had to update our
> Makefile a bit with the new code and want to make sure nothing got
> broken in the process.
> - Jesse

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