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Re: [sysvinit-devel] [Question] A panic when reboot --force the system

From: Petter Reinholdtsen
Subject: Re: [sysvinit-devel] [Question] A panic when reboot --force the system
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:52:15 +0100
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[Xishi Qiu]
> Hi Petter,


> You mean init will be killed at boot time when there is no memory,
> right?

The linux kernel "out of memory" killer will kill fairly random
processes (the last one asking for more memory, if I recall correctly)
when the machine run out of memory.  Earlier it could also kill init.  I
am not sure that is the case any more.  There is also memory handling
inside the kernel that I suspect will cause problems if the kernel run
out of memory.  I have not seen that myself, so I am unsure if it really
can happen after the kernel is able to get started.

> However, we sure the memory is enough at boot time.  But apps maybe
> use a lot of memory after boot, then reboot, and catch the error.

No idea.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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