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Re: [sysvinit-devel] Make a new sysvinit upstream release?

From: Petter Reinholdtsen
Subject: Re: [sysvinit-devel] Make a new sysvinit upstream release?
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 15:14:48 +0100
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[Dr. Werner Fink]
> I've no problem here.
> Currently we do not use SysVinit here but systemd.

I believe we are ready to push a new release.  I've tested it in a
virtual machine, and at least 'init' is able to boot a machine. :)

I suggest we drop the 'dsf' ending on the version number, as it is
obvious to me that there will not be any other upstream for sysvinit.

These are the documented changes in doc/Changelog:

sysvinit (2.89) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  [ Werner Fink ]
  * Do not forget room for last NULL of new environment (was
    local bug 35866)
  * Handle deleted binaries in pidof (was local bug #34992)
  * Allow init to delete extra environment variables (was local bug
  * Avoid that init double environment variables for its childs
    (was local bug #35855)
  * Remove man-db tag for encoding for canonical man
  * Sulogin: try to detect the real device(s) used for the system console
    /dev/console if but only if /dev/console is used.  On Linux this can
    be more than one device, e.g. a serial line as well as a virtual
    console as well as a simple printer.
  * Fix counting message lines in wall. Patch from Petr Lautrbach.
  * Fix bad printf conversion specifier in wall. Patch from Sébastien 
  * Add patches from Openwall project. Thanks goes to Solar Designer.
  * Add code to detect the system consoles with the help of the
    new /proc/consoles files of linux kernel 2.6.38+
  * Try to make utmpdump IPv6 valid, change based on suggestion from
    Navdeep Bhatia (see local bug #32429)
  * Fix signal and alarm handling based on the patch from Florent Viard.
    (was local bug #32304)
  * Add fix for Redhat bug #573346: last incorrectly displays IPv6
    addresses (was local bug #29497)
  * Correct fix for Debian bug #547073: use IUTF8 flag if defined
    and if already set to make sure the utf-8 flag is not cleared
    from the tty. Patch from Samuel Thibault.
  * Include limits.h in killall.c to enforce definition of PATH_MAX
  * Fix sysvinit bug #29758 Linker invocation should not contain
    headers. Change based on patch from Elias Pipping.
  * Add fix for Debian bug #580272: use return value 1 of
    is_selinux_enabled() to determine if SELinux is enabled,
    otherwise initialize SELinux and load the policy. Patch from
    Petter Reinholdtsen.
  * Make quotes visible in example of the manual page of fstab-decode
  * Sulogin: enforce reconnection of stdin/stdout/stderr if a device
    was specified.
  * Sulogin: if zero is read at reading the passwd guess it's done.
  * Sulogin: respect byte order that is do not mix chars and ints
  * Shutdown: use PATH_DEFAULT as suggested by Paul Arthur in local bug #36101
  * Killall5/pidof: handle strange names of executables (local bug #36252)
  * Sulogin: be aware the crypt(3) may fail (local bug #36313)

  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Next release will be 2.89dsf.
  * Add #ifdef in bootlogd.c to avoid gcc warnings about unused
    variable on non-linux platforms.
  * Only set the VSWTC field for termios in init if it is available,
    to get the source building on FreeBSD.
  * Add some code to be able to detect programs even as user with
    kernel 3.0 and above
  * Improve message printed when signaling processes to stop.
    Patch from Matias A. Fonzo at the dragora project.
  * Rename internal functions warn() and shutdown() in the shutdown
    binary to avoid surprising dynamic library name resolution
    conflict with NSS modules.  Patch from Richard Tollerton.
  * Try harder to find libcrypt.*, even if there is no static library
    available.  Also look in /usr/lib/*/ for the library, to handle
    Debian multiarch systems.  Based on patch from Andrew Gregory.
  * Adjust included headers to be compatible with the musl C
    library.  Patch from Matias A. Fonzo and Dragora.
  * Move dovoid() macro from #ifdef__GLIBC__ to #ifdef __linux__,
    to match the condutions of the place where it is used.  Thanks
    to Matias A. Fonzo for noticing.
  * Define _XOPEN_SOURCE when building to get crypt() from <unistd.h>
    instead of using <crypt.h> in sulogin.c, to get the source building
    with the musl C library.
  * Use sysconf(_SC_SYMLOOP_MAX) instead of MAXSYMLINKS.  If sysconf
    returns an error, fall back to MAXSYMLINKS on platforms that
    define it.  Fixes build on Hurd.  Patch from Justus Winter and
  * Adjust makefile to make it easier to link all binaries statically.
    Patch from Matias A. Fonzo and Dragora.
  * Rewrite findtty() in bootlogd.c to not chance working directory, to
    reduce the amount of failure that can happin in that function.
  * Adapt bootlogd TIOCCONS call to kfreebsd.  Patch from Mats Erik
    Andersson and Debian.
  * Document length limit for the process field in the inittab.  Patch
    from Johannes Truschnigg and Debian.
  * Fix typo in fstab-decode(8) font escape.  Patch from Bjarni Ingi
    Gislason and Debian.
  * Port ifdown.c to FreeBSD.  Patch from Guillem Jover and Debian.
  * Drop dsf part from version number.  It no longer make sense to keep.
  * Remove obsolete/ directory from tarball.  None of it have been useful
    for many years.
  * Make it possible to specify the initctl path as a compile time
    define INIT_FIFO.

 -- Petter Reinholdtsen <address@hidden>  Sun Apr 11 11:28:55 CEST 2010

Anything missing?  Anyone got any new patches you want to apply?  We can
shedule a new release in a few weeks, to handle any leftovers.  There
are a few Debian paches I have not had time to evaluate yet, but I want
the new version out while I still have some drive in the process. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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