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[Swftools-common] Embedded audio question

From: Dave Neal
Subject: [Swftools-common] Embedded audio question
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 17:30:59 -0400

The following code is supposed to make a rollover button with a little sound when clicked. 

It doesn't make sound.

.flash filename="NavBar.swf" version=8 fps=50

.jpeg btn0 "C:\\Users\\Dave\\Desktop\\tools\\Sandbox\\AutoIt\\button1.jpg"
.jpeg btn0hover "C:\\Users\\Dave\\Desktop\\tools\\Sandbox\\AutoIt\\button1hover.jpg"
.jpeg btn0pressed "C:\\Users\\Dave\\Desktop\\tools\\Sandbox\\AutoIt\\button1pressed.jpg"

.sound sound1 "quirky.wav"

.button button0
    .show btn0 as=shape
    .show btn0hover as=hover
    .show btn0pressed as=pressed
        .play phat loop=1


.frame 1

b0. {
getURL("http://www.davesolutions.com", "_blank");

    .put b0=button0 x=0 y=0

.frame 2

Am I just missing some amazingly obvious thing? I am testing it locally, but I'm not streaming the audio (am I?). Thanks in advance.

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