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Re: [Swftools-common] wav2swf

From: Chris
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] wav2swf
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 16:09:13 +0200

Hi Alan,

..Sony email is for business use only.

So, should we consider this request for business use, or your own personal
listening pleasure, Alan? ;o)

>I am looking a simple application like your wav2swf but with a bit more
>functionality :)

The wav2swf *utility* does a specific job, i.e. it converts a wave audio file
to an swf.  No more, no less.

>The main thing I would like is a progress bar

wav2swf isn't an application, per se, and there is no reason why it should
display a progress bar.

However, it's perfectly possible to write an 'SWF application' using 
script that plays back a converted wave file, and in doing so displays a
'progress bar', and/or other information.

>It would be nice to have a graphic even nicer to have a user definable graphic.

>Perhaps you know of similar tools that can do this?  Or perhaps you would
>consider enhancing your wav2swf program? 

All the above can be done using swfc/AS2/AS3

Basically, what you're looking for is a small audio player, right?   If so, 
wrong with using WinAmp, Foobar2000, or any of the other graphic audio players
out there?  Why use an swf format file?  An embedding problem?

>Hope you can help,

Try the off the top question again.  If you want such a beast and feel unable to
program it yourself, then I'm sure one of us could do it for you.  Should this
happen to be for commercial use, then maybe a donation to the project coffers
or similar would grease the programming wheels?



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