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Re: [Swftools-common] version 1.0?

From: Chris Pugh
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] version 1.0?
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:30:31 +0100

On 21 April 2010 08:55, Andreas Haufler (scireum) <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I’d like to clarify the statement made by mike. What we meant by saying
> we’re waiting for a “1.0” is that the git-code now and then seems to be a
> bit broke. So we are actually asking for an estimate when some of you would
> think the code is stable enough so that we would run a lot of tests, do a
> lot of debugging and report errors or fixes to the list.

I think we knew really what was meant Andeas.  Merely the way that it was put,
that caused me to go for 'leg pulling' in my comments. ;o)

> So that was clearly meant to be an offer to contribute to the project. We
> enjoy using pdf2swf and we’re absolutely willing to contribute back. We just
> don’t have the time to start all those tests, just to find out, that pdf2swf
> fails with a seg fault or so, because there’s a memory issue or what not.


> To my eyes, some coordination on generating a release which is stable and
> usable (independent of which features are in) would be a good thing to do.


> And chris, to answer your question, you are indeed unfair ;-)

I was? ;o)

> Tests are as much a part of good software as the development of new features

They are too.

>. So providing a large test set..

Quantity is not usually the watchword.  Variety however, possibly is.
Give me specific
criteria in small doses against general messing about every time.

> and contributing to a stable and mature release is DEFINITELY an incentive 
> and not
> at all to be criticized.

Quite so.

> ALSO, at least you might want to check the list archives first. We had a 
> specific feature
> request and we DID offer money for a fix. (We also did some contributions
> and research concerning the new font rendering in FP10).

As I think I stated,  putting these requests in a more obvious place,
say on a specific wiki
page,  may just help.  Trawling lengthy postings on a mailing list for
snippets of information
is not my ( nor anyone else's I suspect ), idea of fun!   Is the
project large enough to warrant
the use of something like Bugzilla or Trac, or is the wiki sufficient
for now?  Anyone?

> I'd say, we all calm down a bit, remain a friendly and open conversation on
> this list and focus on the development and delivery of good software.

I'm so chilled as to be almost horizontal.  Simply can't resist the
odd wind-up, that's all.

> Our offer remains, as long as some of you are interested in making a "1.0"
> or whatever, we're willing to invest a lot of time in testing, debugging and
> of course, contributing back to the project. However, some coordination
> would be a necessary.

Co-ordination does seem to be a bit lax.  Suggestions as to a way forward?

> freundliche Grüße
> Andreas Haufler
> Geschäftsführer

Und zu Ihnen,


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