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Re: [Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input - a littl

From: Matthias Kramm
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input - a little progress and new questions...
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 07:54:10 +0200
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Hi Bill,

sorry for the late answer.

Concerning the Unicode problem:

1.) swfc will accept UTF-8 encoded files, but only without a DOM.
    That could be considered a bug, so I'm putting this on my TODO list.
    Could you please send me one of your test files (one of the ones
    with a DOM at the start?)

2.) swfc uses the Actionscript compiler von the Ming Flash library. 
    While normal swfc syntax (e.g. textshape) support's both UTF-8 input
    and escaped Unicode (\uxxxx), I'm not sure about the Actionscript
    compiler. (Anything between the .action: and the .end is processed
    by a different lexer and grammar)

    What would probably work (didn't try it) is to escape not the
    Unicode, but the UTF-8:
    Instead of
        this.Controls.titled = "DB2 \u8D2D\u7269\u7BEE\u5206\u6790"
        this.Controls.titled = "DB2 

    with the latter being the byte-encoded UTF8 version of the UTF16
    data of the original line.

3.) The problem you wrote in the other mail:

    C:\PlayerIn\sc>c:\swftools\swfc fontoutline1.sc -o font-zh1.swf
    No char 59572 in font SimSun
    No char 44519 in font SimSun
    No char 59311 in font SimSun
    No char 44773 in font SimSun
    No char 59038 in font SimSun
    No char 144 in font SimSun

    suggests that the UTF8 encoding itself worked (59572 = \xe8b4), but
    there was a problem in the font.
    Could you send me both the SimSun.ttf file as well as the converted
    font (SimSun.swf)? Thanks!



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