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[Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input - a little pr

From: Bill Hall
Subject: [Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input - a little progress and new questions...
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 18:12:28 -0400

Here's my latest results:

1)  I finally understood that I misunderstood the UTF-8 and encoded chars ...

       I was trying to encode the UTF-8 values, the encode wants the UTF-16 values so I to convert 1st.

      This seems to work with any warnings from swfc:

 .flash filename="fontoutlinezh2.sc" version=6
    .font SimSun "SimSun.swf"
    .textshape helloworld font=SimSun size=200% text="Hello \u8D2D\u7269\u7BEE\u5206\u6790"
    .filled filled_helloworld outline=helloworld fill=blue line=3 color=green
    .put filled_helloworld

 My question is:   Will swfc accept UTF-8 files ?    and How  (example ?)

          my original problem was taking a .sc file and replacing the text with the UTF-8 encoded string and saving it (Notepad)
          as UTF-8.  swfc seemed to be confused over the BOM (byte order mark) at the start of the file.

2)  When I test my variable.sc file:

            .flash name=" variablezh2.swf" version=6
                   this.Controls.titled = "DB2 \u8D2D\u7269\u7BEE\u5206\u6790";

I get the following warning for every encoded character:

                 this.Controls.titled = "DB2 \u8D2D\u7269\u7BEE\u5206\u6790"
                  Line 0005:  Reason: 'unsupported escape sequence'

  It still creates a swf.   

 Are the unicode characters in the string and the warning can be ignored (i.e. I just need the text chars and will need to take care of Fonts et al
   elsewhere in the flash code)?   Or have they been deleted? 

 I assume swfc is validating against a default font?    

 When the variable.swf is combined with the player.swf and other swfs ... I thought the font support, if needed, could be in the other swf???

  I am still trying to complete this as a test.

3)  I found a reference that said Flash would display the characters correctly as long as the font was embedded in the swf or if it exists on the machine runnng the swf.

Thanks again for the time and help!   Sorry for all the posts...

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