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[Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input (Chinese/Japa

From: Bill Hall
Subject: [Swftools-common] swfc and DBCS languages/utf-8 text input (Chinese/Japanese/...)
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 17:58:01 -0400

Hi!  I searched and didn't find any info on this type of thing.

We use swftools to combine a movie, movie player and a variables.swf containing text and variables that is created with swfc
It works great so far... thanks for good and useful tools!

Now we want to translate the title text in 10 languages include Chinese and Japanese.  So far, I haven't seen any problem with
German and French titles.

I am having problems trying to input the text into the sc file for swfc .  I don't understand the syntax and other considerations.

The title is in the sc file as:
    this.Controls.titled = "Testing---This is a test title";

I use notepad and paste the text from the translate file. When I save the file, notepad detects the new text and prompts to
save it as UTF-8 or Unicode to avoid losing the encoded characters.  I save it as UTF8.

When I use swfc    I get the following error:

swfc fontoutline.sc
Syntax error in line 1, 1: ∩�[┐.flash filename="fontoutline.swf" version=6

In my limited understanding of UTF-8 files et al, I think there are 4 bytes of  encoded data  in the  beginning of the file.
I assume something like that is causing the problem

How do I get the file in a format that works for swfc?  

 Once we get the title into the swf and run the code.  Will we need to convert the right font and include it in the swf/projector that
    we create  (.e.g.  font2swf    SimSun.ttf   or whatever) - so it will display right.

 2.  I see in your post from June that:
  >>If you don't want to change the original file, then just run
 >>   uconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 file.sc -o file2.sc
prior to running swfc.
I assume uconv runs on a Linux platform . Is there a similar util/version that works on windows (if needed)?
I'm starting searches.

3. I see from the Adobe newsgroup that the text could be entered into Flash as an escaped unicode string.
such as:
myTextVar = "\u304B\uD55C\u6C49hello\u05E2\u03BB\u20AC";
Is there any sample code / programs to generate the escaped string from an original text string (e.g from
a file input?

 Sorry for all the novice questions.  I appreciate your time and help!

Thanks!  Bill

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